NDA Law - A new style of law firm

New Adelaide law firm, NDA Law, opened its office this week signifying a growing trend in the move away from top tier law firms towards boutique operations which aim to offer clients better service and more cost effective options in a tough economic marketplace.

The firm has recruited some of the best talent in the legal community with NDA’s three foundation members all moving across from Finlaysons, including Andrea Michaels, John MacPhail and Paul Gordon.

The firm will specialise in high growth areas including: tax and succession planning services; family business services; commercial transactions and structuring; intellectual property; technology, education and research; and digital/new media.

Managing director, Andrea Michaels, said the practice of law was changing and many clients were now prepared to go to niche firms that can demonstrate key expertise, a lower cost base and a more flexible approach to how clients are charged for services.

“We recognised there was an opportunity in the market to provide a new solution for South Australian businesses looking for a high level of service and niche experience, but also value for money,” she said.

“These days many clients are prepared to move their services from larger, big name players if they can get expert advice with better attention to their individual requirements from a smaller law practice willing to go the extra mile with them.”

“We want to be innovative so we can find better and more efficient ways of working and then pass those cost savings on to our clients.”

Ms Michaels said she and her team wanted to establish a new law firm that was easy to work with and that was also a great place to work.

“Commercial law firms generally don’t have the best reputation for providing a nurturing environment so we really wanted to take a new approach and to pay particular attention to making sure we have a really strong internal culture that both embraces teamwork and strives to provide fantastic service to everyone we work with.”

NDA Law has a profit sharing scheme in place for key employees and actively encourages flexible working conditions to suit the circumstances of each and every employee, with the goal of achieving a high performance team for the benefit of their clients.

“We believe if you have a happy and harmonious workplace it shows in the way you interact with clients and are able to deliver a gold standard service experience. That’s where I think NDA Law will really have the edge in Adelaide.”

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