About Us

Our Approach

At the heart of NDA Law are lawyers who have been in large firms but decided that what most clients need and want is clear, strong legal advice with plain yet excellent communication: an easy ask, but one surprisingly rarely delivered. We work with you in a way that works for you. We have some ideas about how we can do this, but we want you to tell us what you want, and how you want to deal with us.

At NDA Law, we give you plain and simple yet excellent legal service; commercial and no-nonsense advice; no nasty bill shock or hidden costs. We are flexible in our approach, both in how we tackle problems, and how we charge. Life isn’t divided into 6 minute units. Nor should your legal work be.

Life also doesn’t stop at 5pm on a Friday. We have a team able to respond to you when you need us, wherever you need us. When we do work for you, we provide a service that is both technically excellent, but also easy to understand. Being a great technical lawyer is one very important part of having what it takes to work at NDA Law. But it’s only the starting point. What sets our people apart is our communication skills.

You should be able to read an email from us just once, and understand it entirely. You shouldn’t need a legal dictionary to understand our phone calls, and you should never feel like it’s too hard to ask us what something means.

Whilst the law can be complicated, dealing with NDA Law is simple.